How do I get personal use dates on the availability calendar?

To add your owner reservations (personal use dates):
Log in to the site. Go to your Owner Admin. panel, and to the "Listings" tab.
Click on the "Availability" link on your listing detail box. The Reserve your Personal Use Dates window will open. Select your booked dates by clicking on dates. They will turn green as you select them.
Once you have dates selected, scroll to the bottom of the calendar, and you will see a "Save Changes" button. Click on that button and those dates will show up as booked dates (unavailable) on your calendar.

After clicking on that button, you will be returned to the "Guest Requests" tab of the admin. panel.
You will see your Personal Use dates displayed as confirmed bookings. They can be edited or deleted there as well.

For the calendar, we recommend that you treat any guest reservations that you have outside of the site the same way as your owner reservations.

When you have a guest reservation from the site, the dates will be automatically entered on the calendar when you confirm the reservation.

Check out the Help Magnifying glass in the Guest Request area of your Admin Panel for help with that process.

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