's Requests from Guests

Use the links below to view details of booking requests, edit request dates, and confirm requests.

Request Details
Rental Address
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Edit Dates
Request Status
What is Confirmed and Pending Status?

All booking requests from guests are labeled "pending" until you communicate with the guest and confirm arrangements. Then you can use the Confirm link to send a confirmation letter to the guest (see Confirm below). When you send a confirmation letter, the status changes to "confirmed". Any dates that you block out for personal use as an owner are considered confirmed requests, so they are labeled "confirmed."

What happens when I click on Delete Request?

Click this link to delete all aspects of the request. All dates will be removed from the availability calendar and the request will be removed from view. Note: deleted requests are not retrievable! Before using this link, consider saving details or printing the page if you want to preserve booking history for future use.

What happens when I click on View Details?

Works 2 Ways.
1. For Pending Requests, click this link to view the details of the booking request. "Message from Guest" will have text if the guest entered a message when completing the booking request form. It's important to get in touch with your guest ASAP either by email or phone to discuss details of the request and complete the booking.
2. For Confirmed Requests, click this link to view the details of the confirmation letter you sent to the guest (see Confirm below).

What is the Edit Dates link?

Click this link to edit the requested dates if they change after communications with the guest. It's important to set correct dates if you want them to appear accurately on your availability calendar. Click this link to edit personal use dates as well.

How do I use the Confirm link?

Click this link to access the confirmation letter. This is a handy feature to use once you're at the point to confirm the booking with a guest. You can add a text message to provide your contact information, clarify terms and provide directions, reservation details, etc. When you click on send, your guest will be emailed a confirmation letter, and you will be emailed a duplicate. Sending a confirmation letter triggers the site to enter the confirmed dates on the availability calendar automatically. For Personal Use (block out) dates that you set under the listings tab, please note that they display here as confirmed bookings, and they are already on the availability calendar.