Hello, and welcome to the listing creation process at Hilton Head Places!

Creating a listing is easy. We will step you through the process page by page. It should take about 20-30 minutes. Make sure you complete all required fields. Please note that your listing will post on the site right after your credit card payment is processed successfully. Payment is the last step of creating your listing, so please have your credit card accessible.

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Descriptive Listing Title *

The descriptive title is the catch phrase for your listing. Keep it brief (about 5 words) and play up a special feature of your home or villa so guests will be motivated to read more. For example, "See the Shore from Your Door."

Lodging Type *

Select Villa/Condo or Private Home. A Villa/Condo is a unit in a multi-unit structure or on land owned in common. A Private Home is a single-family detached house.

Address *

The address is the physical street address and unit number (if applicable) of the home, villa or condo you are listing.
For Example: 123 Main Street, Unit A-32.

Rental Company Information

If you have a rental company that you would like to have take care of your booking requests, please put the company's name and email address. Whenever a potential guest completes a booking request, you and the rental company will be contacted with some basic information.

General & Specific Listing Location *

The General location is where the home or villa is located on Hilton Head Island, such as a plantation or beach area.

For example, Sea Pines or North Forest Beach.

The Specific location choices are presented after you select the General location. Choose the property your condo or villa is a part of. For example, Ketch Court Villas. Select private home if you are listing a home instead of a condo or villa.

View/Setting *

Select the view that characterizes your place.

Villa/Home Description

For the description, write a paragraph or two describing your home or villa in a little more detail. Convey the essence of what it's like to stay in your place.

You will select specific amenities from lists as you progress in creating your listing, so use this area to tell guests about unique features of your place and its surroundings.
Note: 1023 Character Limit. The inclusion of personal contact information is prohibited on this site.  Phone numbers, emails and websites will be blanked out.