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Use the links below to view details and the status of your own booking requests.

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Works 2 Ways.
1. For Pending Requests, click this link to view the details of the booking request you sent to the owner. "Message from Guest" will have text if you entered a message when completing the booking request form.
2. For Confirmed Requests, click this link to view the details of the confirmation note sent to you by owner. (see "Confirmed Status" below).

Pending Status

After you send the booking request, expect an email reply from the owner to discuss/confirm your rental booking. Additional emails/calls between you and the owner may be required to discuss reservation details and confirm your rental. Your request is in "pending status" until your booking is confirmed.

Confirmed Status

The owner can send you a confirmation note to confirm the booking. You will receive an email notification that the booking is confirmed. The email will tell you to log in to the site to view the the confirmation note and a detailed message from the owner that can include reservation details and directions to the rental.