Hilton Head Island Voted One of the “10 Best U.S. Islands for Families”

25-Jul-2011 Summer is the perfect time for family getaways and a fun in the sun vacation to beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC.  If you love Hilton Head’s great beaches, family friendly events and activities, miles of bike paths and nature trails, and kid-friendly restaurants…you’re not alone! Family Vacation Critic recently listed their “10 Best U.S. Islands for Families” and you may not be surprised to hear that Hilton Head Island made the list! Ranked the #5 Best U.S. Island for Families, those of you have been to the Island understand exactly why we were chosen, and those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting…come see what you’ve been missing!

Check out what Family Vacation Critic had to say about Hilton Head Island and make plans to bring your family to Hilton Head Island for your next vacation!

#5 Best U.S. Islands for Families Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
“Maybe it's the 12 miles of uninterrupted white sand beaches; maybe it's the endless (truly) opportunities for tennis and golf; or perhaps it's that you can appreciate both of those in a stunning setting that is steeped in history, from its native American beginnings through active colonial days. Whatever the reason that brings you to Hilton Head for the first time, you won't be disappointed. And most likely, it won't be your only time there. Hilton Head has a way of getting in your blood and keeping you coming back for more. Even if it's just strolling down one of the hundreds of miles of walking paths and admiring the Spanish moss dripping off the trees, you'll fall in love with this family-friendly island.

Hilton Head Island is located just off the southern border of South Carolina and Georgia. The island, which is shaped like a foot, is 12 miles long from heel to toe and approximately 5 miles wide. Its 30,000 acres feature 14 miles of wide, hard-packed sandy beaches on its Eastern shore. But that is just the beginning. Throw in 20 amazing world-class golf courses, more than 20 full service tennis courts, more than 100 miles of bike paths and walking trails, and parks and nature preserves, and you truly have a location that is appealing year round.

But Hilton Head is not all about resort fun, although it does have plenty of that. Its hardy seaside forest is filled with palmettos, pines and live oaks, and almost one-quarter of the island is dedicated to open space in order to preserve its natural beauty and wildlife. It's an island full of contrasts, and perhaps, that's why its so appealing to so many -- you can find lush, manicured golf courses and untouched wetlands; you can go wind sailing on the beach and heron-spotting on a marsh.

Top those options off with an amazing assortment of restaurants and any kind of accommodation you could want -- from beachside villas to golf course-facing condos and, of course, full-service, family-friendly hotels -- and you can bet that just one visit won't be enough. If you have the time, be sure to take a day-trip or two to nearby Savannah or Charleston for more tastes of the old south.”

"From Your Place to Ours", HiltonHeadPlaces.com


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