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16-Aug-2010 Visitor Information Hilton Head Guest ServicesAlright, you’ve been planning your trip to the island for months.  You’re all packed, you’ve made sure you’ve got all the beach toys ready to go, the bathing suits are packed, and you’ve spent hours on the Internet hunting for things you want to do, printed them all and stacked them neatly in a business size envelope; everything is ready to go.  Finally the big day is here; you filled the car and checked all the fluids and the tires, everything is perfect!  You’ve been about a hundred miles; just long enough for the kids to start asking, “are we there yet?”  The pressure is starting to set in, that’s when you remember all the Internet work you did is sitting on the corner of your desk; right where you put it to keep from forgetting it!

Now, here you are, the kids are getting cranky, you’ve gone way to far to go back and the folks that are suppose to take care of the mail, the paper and the Gold Fish can’t do one thing except confirm that the envelope is exactly where you thought it was. What was it you wanted to see?  Which Restaurant was it you were dying to try?  Which store was it you wanted to shop at?  

Where was that place the kids wanted to go to? Well, of course, it’s all neatly stacked away and destined for the trash can as soon as you get home.  Not to fear!  Chances are everything you printed and stacked away are all available right on the island, and more besides!  Books and pamphlets and just about anything you can imagine, has not to mention, many are also filled with coupons and colorful stories and ideas about things you never gave a thought to!

Many restaurants have stacks of informative pamphlets in their lobbies.  Better still, “Hilton Head Guest Services”  has kiosk thoughtfully placed all over the island.  Not only are the employees who man the kiosk well trained about where things are, the best way to find them, and they are fully stocked with maps and well supplied with a the pamphlets and books you were hoping to find!  A few things you want to be sure to pick up are “The Big Fat Coupon Book”, “Hilton Head Island Restaurants”, If you’re a Golfer, there’s an entire book just for you, which will tell you about every course on the Island or even close to it!  “Island Events” is another must have, as well as “Where To Go” and be sure to grab a copy of the “Hilton Head 360 Map”, and incidentally the centerfold of “Hilton Head Island Restaurants” book has a great map!  So don’t worry, Surfing the net was fun, but you’ll find just bout everything you were looking for right here, now if you could just get the kids to stop asking if you’re there yet!  Of course, you can always count on our Concierge staff to get you informed for your next vacation rental in Hilton Head.

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