Take a Vacation! Your Health Depends on It!

20-Oct-2010 The surf's calling, but if you're like many, you're feeling guilty about asking your boss for a little time off to relax--even though you desperately need it. Not only do Americans get a meager amount of vacation time, they also tend not to use it all, according to Expedia.com's seventh annual Vacation Deprivation survey, conducted this spring. Unsurprisingly, Americans got the least amount of vacation days per year among the countries surveyed, earning only 14 days vs. 24 days in Great Britain, 26 days in Germany, 30 days in Spain and 36 days in France.

Despite reporting an average of 14 vacation days this year, compared with 12 days in 2005, 35% of the more than 4,100 U.S. adults questioned said they will not use all of their time off, leaving an average of three days on the table. "Some people are fearful in this day and age about job security," says Munro Cullum, a professor of psychiatry and neurology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. "There's a push for productivity, and that can make people really avoid taking a vacation. Some people just figure they'll relax when they retire." Sound familiar? Your behavior may impress your boss, but medical experts say you're not doing your health any favors. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is calling your name (softly and gentle of course)!   > read more at our vacation blog

"From Your Place to Ours", Hilton Head Places.com

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